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Watson Pharma Private Limited manufactures and markets chemicals and generic pharmaceutical products. It offers services, such as contract research/manufacturing of NCEs, preformulation studies, formulation development, analytical and validation services, and clinical supplies manufacturing services. The company was formerly known as Sekhsaria Chemicals Limited. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. As of April 13, 2006, Watson Pharma Private Limited operates as a subsidiary of Allergan plc.

Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is Now Actavis, Inc.
- Company Begins Trading as "ACT" -
- Multi-year Rebranding Campaign Underway -
- Redesigned Logo Celebrates Emergence as Global Pharmaceutical Leader -
PARSIPPANY, N.J., Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that the company has adopted Actavis, Inc. (NYSE: ACT) as its new global name and will today begin trading under a new symbol — ACT — on the New York Stock Exchange.
The company first announced its intention to change its name last year, following its acquisition of the Actavis Group. The combination created the world's third largest generic pharmaceutical company, with anticipated pro forma combined 2012 revenues in excess of $8 billion.
Actavis has initiated a multi-year rebranding campaign that will guide the transition of its facilities, operations and commercial presence around the world to the new company name and logo. The company has launched a new global web site and will today ring The Closing Bell on the New York Stock Exchange.
"Today marks an historic day for Actavis and a milestone in our evolution into a global pharmaceutical leader," said Paul Bisaro, President and CEO of Actavis. "While we have been operating as one company since last year, today we unite all of our 17,000 employees under a single name, trademarked and protected around the world."
"With operations in more than 60 countries and a top 10 position in over 33 markets, Actavis is a dynamic global player that is recognized worldwide as a leader in providing high-quality pharmaceuticals," Bisaro said. "As we move forward into this exciting future for our company, we are committed to continuing the rapid and seamless execution of our integration planning efforts to provide maximum value to all of our customers and shareholders around the world."
Actavis has also today adopted a distinctive redesign of the company name, designed by the leading global identity firm Lippincott.
The new icon in the logo speaks to the company's fast-evolving business, as well as its dynamic culture. A close look reveals a "W" shape emerging from a shaded "A," a subtle historical reference to the Watson heritage and acquisition of Actavis. The color stands out in the universe of pharmaceutical industry competitors and reflects growth — a fundamental foundation for Actavis and its future — and a commitment to be an environmentally responsible company.
The result is a new, powerful and accessible visualization that celebrates Actavis' emergence as a global pharmaceutical leader, and visually defines its focus on growth and success in the future.

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